Seguin Advisory Services offerings are geared towards a retail automotive industry under constant pressure to change. The brief summary below gives you a snapshot of some of the retail automotive offerings you can expect from Seguin Advisory Services.

Thinking and planning


The next 20 years will see much change to automotive retailing stemming from the power and influence of consumers.  The consumer is changing much faster than retailers can.  What will the future look like?  Seguin Advisory Services has thought about this influence and can help you position yourself to take full advantage of the future retailing evolution.



Litigation support 


Whether it be in arbitration, the courtroom or negotiations, having the right team that understands retail issues that can place them in the correct context is critical.




Dealer consolidation is changing the landscape that we all operate within. Succession, exit and acquisition strategies are very complex, challenging and require an experienced and discreet hand.


Retail industry suppliers


Developing products and services relevant to the industry is critical in gaining market acceptance. We work with retail suppliers to make sure their products hit the mark by meeting the specific needs of the retail automotive industry. 


Retainer engagements


Add you company name to the list of growing monthly retainer clients taking advantage of  regular and periodic  contributions to your organization through our monthly retainer program.


Dealer performance monitoring 


The industry is shifting towards more outsourced professional management and is raising the performance bar. Experienced eyes can navigate this road and privately identify areas worth a closer look.

Independent, objective 3rd party advice 


As veterans of the industry we are exposed to the opportunities and pressures facing vehicle retailing. We can approach a project or topic from an informed neutral position. Vetting ideas, proprietary research, in-depth analysis and assisting with supplier and business partner selection are areas where we can provide a level of advice that is unique when compared to internally focused projects. As an independent 3rd party we can also deliver sensitive messages, frequently saving in-house teams from crossing political barriers.




We will focus on four areas of training ; field staff improvement, proprietary dealer network programs, course design and curriculum vetting. We will work with you to analyze, develop, advise and/or deliver effective training targeted at your business objectives.