Buying Stores


The company acts for purchasers by understanding their acquisition strategy and organizational strength and then sources potential candidates that match predetermined criteria. The company can assist with the negotiations and also can connect purchasers to qualified sources of capital to finance the acquisition.


Selling Your Store or Group


Taking your store to market is a critical step on your path forward to exiting your dealership.  Perhaps you're wanting to retire, perhaps you want to liquidate one of the stores in your group or perhaps you need execute on elements of your succession plan. 

SAS works with sellers to unlock the hidden value in their dealerships and can work with you and your existing professional advisors to help navigate through the sale process, whatever your personal objectives.  Deals come is all forms and sizes from simple cash deals to earn outs and buy-out over time. We can help you understand the various options. SAS can also introduced sellers to investment advisors who can assist with money and insurance management post sale.


Business Meeting

A New Way


Sometimes what has worked for a number of years and even generations does not work any longer. Other options begin to make better sense. We will work through these options with you as you weave through these difficult emotional decisions. We can also introduce you to fellow dealers who have been in the same spot and would happy to share their experiences with you.


Succession Planning


One of our responsibilities as business owners is to make sure the business continues and our families are adequately looked after should a life altering unforeseen event occur. This involves documenting a contingency plan and a will regardless of your age and ensuring that adequate insurance funding is in place. Some OEMs have programs in place designed to protect both you and them and to minimize confusion by requiring the plan to be fully documented and attached to you Dealer Agreement.

Intergenerational ownership and management transfers are a tricky matter and require the expertise of advisors who have been there and done it before. Our approach is non-confrontational and efficient. We do not replace your existing professional advisors such as your lawyer, accountant and insurance adviser but rather we work with them as part of your team to construct the best plan possible for you and your family.


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