Represented both buyers and sellers.


* For buyers assess the underlying value of the purchase, accounting and tax implications and well as operational and market considerations.

* For sellers, help them get organized and build expectations of the process. Develop the selling document and assist with the selling of the dealership by introducing potential purchasers and identifying underling value. 

* Performed buy-side due diligence and deal structuring.

* Found financial partners.




Various consulting projects for OEMs and the Automotive Industry

* Assisted an OEM with alternative pricing models and calculated impact of various pricing models on warranty costs, dealer charges and dealer profitability.

* Dealer Agreement input regarding succession planning criteria

* Dealer Network profitability studies

* Dealer Network Image Program

* Developed an approach to measure residual value claims for an insurance company 


Litigation Support


Prepared detailed expert reports used by the courts to support factual representation surrounding areas of dispute. Testimony and cross examination in addition to strategic direction.





Arranged capital, operating and floor plan financing for single point and multi franchise dealers






Developed numerous in house OEM proprietary training programs. Topics include:


* Understanding Financial Statements Workshop

* Organizational Structures Workshop

* Succession Planning Workshop

* Understanding Dealerships Workshop

* Case Studies

* Basics of Customer Relationship Planning

* Business Planning Workshop

* Dealership Valuations Workshop




Conducted proprietary research on numerous automotive retail topics for various domestic and international clients. Investigated new business opportunities and revenue streams.